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Welcome to Team Player. We are vivid believers of “Time is Money” and as a business owner and a leader, when you start to keep track of where and how your team is spending their time, energy, and resources; you will eventually watch a constructive employee- employer relationship building with collaborative yet organized work pattern.
Resort to Team Player and let the journey of monitoring and managing your workforce begin.

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Managing your team well is half the job done when it comes to managing a business. TeamPlayer Application is a progressive and very efficient software for medium and small businesses to manage their workforce and hence business in a better and technologically friendly way.

With TeamPlayer every business owner can create the best management module for their team. With features like Employee Attendance Management, Sales Employee Tracking, Employee Time Tracking, Employee Location Tracking, Sales and Field Staff Tracking and more - it is a one stop place to manage your workforce the right way.

The application is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, employee friendly software that helps the business reach its best efficiency.

Features of TeamPlayer Employee Time Management Application

Generating Analytical Reports

The analytical reports generated by the TeamPlayer app are quick, accurate and detailed. They include details like working hours, distance travelled, on-site location, and attendance records of all employees. It helps you make easy decisions based on numbers and facts generated by the data over time. The TeamPlayer application helps you maintain proper records and reduce any kind of error due to human entries or data and to build a strong employee-employer relationship.

Accessible Web module

The guide in web format for the application functions fluently on desktop using any internet browser - all you need is an internet connection. The TeamPlayer app is easily accessible from anywhere, once you download it on your device. Use your mobile data or wifi to access it.

Distance Calculation

The application gives you an accurate calculation of the distance covered by on-field employees. It is a feature that helps greatly when you have to tally the final travelling allowance assigned and also in managing and calculating time for a particular task

Dashboard Functionality

Get a comprehensive summary of hours put in, work productivity, and the operational efficiency of all your employees on any given day or even for one employee on different days. The TeamPlayer dashboard is simple and efficient.

Attendance Management

Get the reports of your employee’s attendance for the entire day, week and month in one place. It helps you to have access to comparative data for your employees timing, regularity, leaves and overtime hours. The simple and user friendly interface and easy attendance calculation parameters make it a necessity more than a compulsion for everyone using it.

Location Tracking

Make the monitoring process easy by knowing the whereabouts of your workforce through live location, past locations and easily assign new locations. This is all about making sure you are at the right place at the right time. The map feature lets you see the locations of all your employees together at any given time, within office hours.

Time Tracking

Time is money and your task force making the best use of their time at work is sure to give everyone involved in the business reasons to smile. The TeamPLayer Time Tracking feature is an integral part of the app, which helps you to monitor working hours of every employee through data generated via accurate timesheets and real time notifications.

Chat Module

The chat module on the TeamPlayer Application is designed to give you a dedicated space for all your work related conversations. From client briefs to billing invoices and everything in between - you can maintain a detailed organized record of all work field-specific conversations and documents on the app.

Speed & Accuracy

TeamPlayer is created to give you speedy and as accurate as possible information regarding your employees. The instant reports, timely updates and real time notifications let you be on the top of your game always.

Privacy and Security

TeamPlayer’s software provides complete privacy of every profile created and ensures that all the data is secure and safe. For more details, refer to our Privacy Policy.

On Field Tracking

On ground employees and sales representatives have the hardest time when it comes to everyday logistics like login’s, break hours, work sign offs etc. While these might seem like small time issues, in the long run they affect the discipline of running a business greatly. With the TeamPlayer Sales Employee Tracking software, every business owner can track their sales employees while on location, working hours and task lists during working hours.

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- Click on the signup button
- Fill in all the details including mobile number, email id, and other company details
- Select a package of your choice
- You can select a free trial as well for 14 days to start with.
- You are now all set to use the application

- After you have signed up, you can add your team members from the ”My Team” tab

- Go to the Dashboard in the map view and list view. Click on the icon suggested and you will see all the details of the team members' real-time location in one place.

- A team player has to punch time in and time out on the app to capture attendance every day.

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